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These were some excerpts for an upcoming video of mine. These are shots I dont plan to use so they're super special I really wish I could've made noises for this one, but such is the life with roommates. Story: I'm woken up by my collar being tugged by a needy, horny dragon. He wastes no time to pleasure himself with my pussy. He enjoys watching me touch myself while he tugs on my leash and beckon him to breed me. I pull him out and start to blow him. A risky move as he was enjoying my cunt so much, but I just need to feel how he throbs against my tongue! Due to his heat, however, he absolutely needs to pound my cervix and fill me near to bursting. I orgasm immediately as I feel him knot me and release huge ropes into my uterus. I'm bound to impregnated for sure. ... I mean it's a porno right? Yeah, I'm definitely getting pregnant from an anthro dragon. Dildo: Medium Terra from Bad Dragon, Size:

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