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It's early in the morning and I'm sneaking into daddys room... Little do I know Daddy is awake! He asks what I'm doing and I quickly tell him Moms not home so I thought it would be really nice of me to help her out and get all the clothes together for the laundry... I feel bad after Daddy tells me what a good girl I am because thats actually NOT what I was doing!! I tell Daddy I have a confession... I tell him I always steal his underwear and lick the cum out of them... and the tissues he uses to clean up after he masturbates... I take those and lick the cum out of those too!!! But.. thats not even the worst part... Sometimes after Daddy masturbates and go to bed right after... I sneak in his room & clean the mess up.... with my mouth!!! I beg Daddy to let me finally taste his warm & fresh cum... I know you've always wanted to cum for your little girl so nows the chance.. moms not home & I'm begging for it!!! I give Daddy a perfect blowjob with lots of dirty talk then he fills me up with his big huge load!!!, Size:

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