Swineys ProAm [ManyVids] - Savannah Foxx Cum-Soaked Anal Squirtfest


Download Swineys ProAm - Savannah Foxx Cum-Soaked Anal Squirtfest
There was no way Savannah Foxx could've known she was in store for some of the most intense squirt-filled orgasms of her XXX career whenever she accepted the challenge of taking on Swiney w/all three of her holes. Starting outside you can already see the Great Hambino is ready to skewer Savannah with his thick bacon and proceeds to no mercy on her hot cunt, before moving inside and stretching every hole on her body, causing her pussy to explode repeatedly all over his couch. You get two camera angles of this VOLCANIC action and even get to see her pussy pulsating and sending huge streams of squirt as she trembles uncontrollably. This is a master class in how a fatguy can pound a hot starlet into orgasmic bliss, and even has the old porker shooting two HUGE loads of cum out of his old balls to make sure you get 100% stroke factor from this unforgettable romp. Swiney's Pro-Am; the best fatguy XXX on the planet, Size:

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