SamanthaJones269 [ManyVids] - Underwater Bikini Worship

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Sun kissed Goddess Samantha hits the deck poolside in her outrageously revealing gstring bikini for an afternoon tan. You just won't stop staring so she offers you the deal of a lifetime- tribute to have her lounge beside you. You can't believe someone this hot in a near dental floss like garment would be seen beside you at any price, so you immediately oblige without hesitation. Now your hard on is clearly visible through your swim trunks, carefully obtaining the seat beside miss bikini Goddess. The sun sparkles on her tight swimwear, the material stretching over her curves and hugging her perfect bod just right. It's not before long she gets too hot and it's time to jump in the pool. It's so nice to cool off while bossing you around. A quick flash is all it takes to make you nearly cum in the water, guess that means your time is up and it's time to vamoose with some serious blue balls. Worth it., Size:

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