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It's Christmas morning, and there's a mystery gift on the bed! Wonder who it's from. Who even sends a box of underwear as a gift? I soon find out it's from my top webcam fan, who's been buying my cum soaked panties to jerk off into for years. I appreciate the gift and start making new ones for him. I feel something wet on my gifts- CUM! Did he actually already cum in these?! Gross!! (But also kind of hot, lol.)   I rub my clit softly through the fabric, daydreaming of his cock rubbing me through the lacey thong. It swells up my privates and makes every touch and stroke so enjoyable. My wetness starts to seep through, creating a noticeable wet spot by my pussy hole. I keep teasing myself, moaning in pleasure, grabbing my vibe. Now the wet spot is covering the entire bottom half of the garment, some dirty talk and more fantasizing, sends me over the edge. Guess now I have the perfect thank you gift to send back. Mmm!, Size:

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