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Curious by nature our young mermaid has only heard the tales of how human cum can accelerate her powers, making her stronger and swim faster. She goes to the shoreline to lure a human with her Siren's song- not to eat, but maybe, just maybe, she can get him to unload into her mouth. Ultimately fulfilling her wildest dreams of being the most powerful mermaid in the sea. It's not long before she's able to seduce one back to her layer. She instructs him while under her spell to slowly work his human cock for her. The human seems to be enjoying pleasing the Siren until he can't hold off, exploding all over her scales. A few drops land on her tongue and ignite her instantly. She tosses the drained body aside, and plunges back into the depths, now charged more than ever. But how long will she be satisfied? It will only be a matter of time before she surfaces again, draining another unsuspecting soul., Size:

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