SamanthaJones269 [ManyVids] - Latex Worship in a BACK ALLEY

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You find yourself waking up in a back alley, looking up at Mistress. You come to and realize that your leashed and under the power of a latex goddess. But why would she bring you to a back alley? Well, to toy and humiliate with you of course. Not to mention, order you to suck some dick to pay for her new latex outfit. The sun is out and making Mistress break a sweat, which strangely, turns you on even further. She instructs you to give her new garment an extra polish with your tongue- how embarrassing when joggers start passing by in plain sight! I know how much you LOVE latex, but I order you to lick up my sweat as well. Anything to keep worshiping my gorgeous latex ass, right slut? Mm hmm, that's what I thought., Size:

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