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Jeans, Smoking Custom no names are mentioned "As for the video, in the beginning you should wear almost the same outfit as in the last clip you did for me (please take a look on the picture attached in case you don't remember ;-)). Instead of your own shirt and belts you should wear the white shirt from the packet buttoned up in front and both belts from the packet. You light up a cigarette that you try to dangle in mouth all the time while putting on all the rings from the packet in addition to you own ones. After that you take off the belts, open the shirt and tie it in front (I'm pretty sure that will look amazing in combination with your stunning chest :-)). You then put on the smaller belt from the packet and your own black belts you wore in the other clip back then. Finally you start to smoke 4 cigarettes at once, and while dangling them in mouth you put on the black shirt on top tied in front. #Belt fetish, #Brunette, #Goddess Smoking, #Hand Fetish, #Leather belt, #Necklace, #Smoke Worship, #Smoking Fetish, #smoking POV, #Thigh High Boots, Category: SMOKING Related Categories: JEANS FETISH, HAND FETISH, BOOT FETISH, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP, WIDE TIGHT BELTS Keywords: white button up shirt, shirt ties in front, belly fetish, smoking, smoking cigarettes, jewelry, lots of jewelry, necklaces, rings on fingers, belt fetish, ruffle shirts, brunette smoking, tight white jeans, Size:

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