Pawslut [ManyVids] - Spanking The Snack Thief


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Charlie's eaten all the snacks AGAIN! This time their owner won't let them off so easily.. He bends them over his knee, their leash leading from their collar to their wrists, binding their arms behind their back. Charlie starts out very remorseless, refusing to apologize, as their ass is berated-- The cookies just tasted too good! With a few more smacks, their ass starts to really sting and they begin to rethink their position, and so does their owner. He sits Charlie upright on the couch, but they slide down, pushing their ass out helplessly as he teases their sensitive skin. Eventually they can't stand it anymore and squeeze out an apology, their ass and face bright red. At the end they're ordered to stand and show off their thick, red cheeks! Maybe next time they'll leave some for Master, Size:

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