Pawslut [ManyVids] - Anal Training: Part 1


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So begins the first of a new weekly anal training series! The starting point is a lovely string of silicon anal beads, starting very small and not getting very big- which is good news for Charlie, since they have VERY little anal experience! Despite this, they have an incredibly sensitive ass, having to hold back from cumming within the first minute of play. They edge themselves 6 times (and cum 3!) as they push the silky beads into their tight asshole. You can see their pussy and asshole twitch each time they're overpowered by an orgasm!! Enjoy a lovely closeup at the end as the pull the beads out, their tight hole puckering at each one~ Be sure to follow the series as the toys get progressively bigger til they're taking 7.5" cock! And eventually, the mighty Krubera ovipositor from PrimalHardwere, Size:

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