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POV you are an old friend and we are both at a party, we havent seen each other in awhile and when we used to hang out there was a lot of sexual tension between us. You always had a girlfriend thou but your at the party without your girlfriend there. I am dancing and your checking me out looking up and down, im wearing a red dress and thigh high leather boots. I catch you looking at me and am so surprised and happy to see you, we start dancing together and flirting, i ask you questions about your girlfriend and I tell you how great I think you look. Our friends are at the party and we don't want them to find out what we are up too because we don't want it to get back to your girlfriend so we decide to sneak off when noone is looking. We go to the bathroom and I talk dirty to you about how much sweeter my pussy is and how you should cheat on her with me, I get turned on and excited over the idea, I call your girlfriend a bitch while your fucking me and beg for your cum, my tittes are boucing in the mirror as I look back at you and talk dirty to you the whole time, then you lift me up on top of the counter and pound me with my legs in the air. " i want you to share your cum with me, its not fair your girlfriend gets to have it all, I want you to cum inside me!" I beg for you to cum in me and to think about me when you fuck her next.."keep your cock cummy, dont wash up and then fuck her with my cum" (audio is layered in later for club ambiance and put in professional so its not to disturb you from the dialogue but rather to enhance the experience from club to bathroom and background chatter.) Virtual sex cheating with you, no dildos used, Size:

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