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My friend Angie is an open-minded young mom. Her husband doesn't know that she likes to come over and explore her kinky side! Today, we are dressed in super sexy short skirts, pantyhose, high heels and revealing tops. I surprised Angie with a box of new handcuffs, thumbcuffs and shackles! Their afternoon adventure starts with opening the box and self-cuffing ourselves with the new cuffs… we start with the shackles, and put them snugly around our ankles. I find a set of handcuffs and put them around my ankles next to the shackles, while Angie grabbed a pair of hinged cuffs and clicked them on her right wrist. She was almost going to cuff her other wrist in front, but I suggested she do it behind her back! I took the other set of hinged wrist cuffs and put them on so they matched and moved on to the thumbcuffs - Angie had doubts whether she could manage those herself, but she did great! After we are all cuffed up, I realize there were no keys in the shipment! I yell for Jay to come help get us out... but I should have known better than to think he would actually help....instead, he capitalized on the fact that he had two cuffed and helpless women in his house! He rips off our high heels and sadistically tickles our feet! We wriggle and scream in laughter as Jay rakes our pantyhosed soles with his strong fingers. Eventually, he decides to drop a handcuff key nearby, and let us try to un-cuff ourselves. This would have been easier had we not cinched the cuffs so tight! Eventually, I help free Angie, but she does not return the favor, Size:

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bondage tickling pantyhose handcuff and shackle fetish self bondage