Miss Brynn [ManyVids] - Long Term Human Toilet Training


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(This was a custom clip order. Want your own? Message me!) Start off saying you want to make sure I’m thoroughly trained. And the only way to be able to make sure I can be a good toilet for a prolonged time is to mimic that experience. Have me consume my waste, all of it for a week straight. Tell me to watch this every time and then describe how you want me to eat it. Give instructions telling me to shovel in big fork fulls and chew and swallow. At some point mention how it’ll actually get even grosser as the week goes on since it recycled. At the end of the video have me take all the rest in my mouth and stroke while I have the taste in my mouth. Say it’s important I associate the pleasure with the act. And then tell me I need to cum and swallow at the same time. Cumming with a big stomach full of *. After I cum tell me you want me to do a week at least every month. Then finish by saying you’ll let me know when I finally have proved myself. Please let me know if you can do this!, Size:

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