MelodyYuna [ManyVids] - Jupiter's Capture Part I:Chocking&Riding


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Jupiter's Defeat is a very very old video of mine and I decided it was time for a squeal, Jupiter's Capture. This leaves off after Jupiter's defeat, where she has been takes to what seems like an innocent room, but really her dungeon. Here, the Echi monster records her and uses her body over and over again, sometimes even his friends. This video begins showing the vibrator that the monster had attached to her pussy, and she can't seem to get it out no matter what. As she is fighting the stimulation, the monster comes into her room aroused from watching the recording from the other room. He makes Jupiter take his huge cock in her mouth until she can't take it anymore. Then he makes her to ride his cock while the vibrator is still attached both inside and outsider her pussy! He finishes, shaking Jupiter's whole body... but he isn't done.. his friend wants some action in the following film to come, Size:

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