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Since she's already dressed in a plastic wrap, Wild Eva is ready to go, but, darn, she has to pee and the bathroom is occupied! She's absolutely desperate, with a bulging bladder, feeling she has to release now or burst the pee all around the room. She squirms and walks desperately, holding her pee until the brilliant idea comes to her mind: why not pee in a plastic bag Easy say, easy done, so she will release some of the pressure in a small plastic bag - this way she can wait until she gets to the toilet... RELEVANT KEYWORDS: plastic wrap, cling wrap, cling film, milf in plastic, wrapped up, peeing in plastic, pee in a plastic bag, piss in plastic bag, pee, pee holding, pee desperation, female desperation, bulging bladder, full bladder, pee challenge, bloated belly, urge to pee, hold her pee, pipi, Wild Eva, Size: 208.03 MB

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