[ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Housemates Find Spanking Book And Try It


Download [ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Housemates Find Spanking Book And Try It
My housemate Zoe finds a book on spanking, a whip and a cane in our new house. She runs downstairs to show me and reads bits from the book. It gives descriptions on how to spank etc. We are shocked by at as we have never heard about this sort of thing before. Giggling we decide to give it a go! We take it in turns to bend over each others lap for an over the knee spanking then try a bit with the paddle and whip. Its really exciting and we start getting into it descibing to each other how it feels and promising neither of us will ever tell anyone about what we are doing. We discuss if our boyfriends would be into spanking us and achat about what other kind of spanking we can try. After both giving and taking a good spanking for some time we rush upstairs to try more. Great fun spanking video with Zoe Page filmed in HD with great lighting and from various kinky angles, Size: 965.51 MB

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