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Last time we hung out I bet you I could get all my toes in my mouth and you lost the bet! So now it is time to pay up. I make you lick the soles of my feet and I show you how to do it by getting my soles covered in spit. My feet are kind of smelly and its now your job to lick them clean. What good are cousins for if you can't try new things and experiment with them? I think you like it, even though you are pretending not to. Wait, pretty sure I can see a boner in your pants. I want to to touch it! Do it! Wouldn't it be embarrassing if someone in our family came back and saw you stroking your dick while licking and sniffing my feet? I bet you there's no way you can resist cumming to my feet. Wait a second! You lost that bet too! Hahahaah. Loser licks up the cum, Size: 938.19 MB

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