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"I Am The Perfect One 2" - CUSTOM - Buyer Comment: "You are Miss Sinclair, a woman who specializes in discipling naughty husbands. My wife has sent me to you because I have been sassing her a little lately and she wants me to be disciplined by a professional. As you requested. my wife insisted that I wear a pair of her panties under my suit when I keep my appointment with you. I am extremely apprehensive when I first meet you because I’m afraid you will be mean and demeaning to me. I am immediately put at ease by your warm smile and sweetness. It seems that you use guile and kindness to control men. Vid start with greeting me from a sitting position. As you talk sweetly to me, can you be playing with the hem of your dress, giving lots sexy views up your legs. Be really flirty, with sexy leg crossing. Please lower the dress off your shoulders to show glimpses of your wonderful tits. Show em off. Tell me to take off my clothes, until I’m standing in front of you with just a pair of light blue granny-panties. Tell me that you are very pleased to see that I did what I was told. Tell me how cute I look in them Mention that you see a bulge already growing under the fabric. After this play could the remainder of the vid be your face filling the screen. As you are talking to me could be teasing me with your hair; running both hands up the sides of your face and running your your tongue over your lips. You can see the effect this is having on me and keep it up. You know you own me. You know you have me out of my mind. Tell me how lovely I look and what a good husband I am. Tell me that’s it’s OK for me to be here with you. That you totally understand why I love obeying strong women. Tell me you can see how happy I am wearing panties in front of you. Tell me to finish off in my wife’s undies but that I’m forbidden to directly touch my cock. I will have a long, beautiful orgasm looking into your beautiful face as I furiously rub myself through the undies. You smile as I groan and shake and the panties get soaked with cum.Finish the vid by telling me that I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife and that I must go right home and tell her I love her and that I’ve learned my lesson and will always treat her with respect.", Size: 178.95 MB

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