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"Humiliating Mommy Takes Your Virginity" - CUSTOM VIDEO - Buyer Comment: Your “son” has just recently tried to seduce your mother, his grandma, into taking his virginity. With the upcoming family reunion you can’t have him begging to fuck everyone, so you reluctantly take the job yourself. The scene begins with your head right above your sons shorts. You tell him about the plan you have devised despite how disgusted you are at it. At first he harshly declines, and continues to until you snatch down his shorts and wrap your mouth around his cock; at which points he feels nothing but euphoria. His excitement for the situation makes you humiliate him more when you come up from his dick for breaths of air. After a short time of giving him head, he begs and pleads to finally feel inside of a woman. You continue to torment him about how much he is begging for his pregnant mothers pussy. You first straddle him with your ass facing him, claiming that you can’t stand to look at his disgusting face. You ride hard but are unenthusiastic, claiming that he is terrible, even for a virgin, amongst other various insults while riding him. He admits to being turned on by you being pregnant, and you take this as a prime opportunity to make him cum faster by turning around and showing him that big pregnant belly while riding him again. While in this position, you continue your bullying of him, but you begin to enjoy the sex because you can feel how much harder he is for you now, and he is fucking you way harder as well, as it seems to look like he enjoys being his mommy’s little bitch. When he is ready to cum, he begs to cum all over your perfect belly. You say that he must look his own mother in the eyes while he strokes his cock and cums as the last part of his punishment. He must cum on his own mothers face. With no hesitation he strokes until he unloads his cum all over his moms face., Size: 629.07 MB

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