[ManyVids] Sir Striker - Gassy Extermination


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Your brother Miles comes in freaking out over all the tiny people he’s come across and their numbers are growing! He’s found some in his car, he’s had enough! Your brother Miles is now out to exterminate all the tinys! He tells you to hang tight while he takes care of his car and when he comes back it’ll be time to exterminate all of them in the house. While your brother is out, something comes over you and you begin to get blurred as you’re seemingly falling into the laundry basket. You’ve mysteriously shrunk and now your brother Miles Striker is back looking for you. You climb on the couch to get his attention but just end up getting trapped under his gassy ass with no escape. Miles decides to do the laundry since he doesn’t know where his brother is and to his dismay he finds tiny people all throughout the laundry basket. Miles has had enough of messing with them and just begins to eat and destroy them, letting out farts where his brother is trapped after every bite. These people do less for society then bugs yet they’re the same size. Miles is on a complete treacherous gassy rampage with these people. As Miles looks to stuff some under his gassy ass while his stomach settles he finds his brother. Completely shrunk and realizing he’s been stuck under his ass this whole time. Miles examines his brother and would seemingly be in a predicament now. Does he spare his brother or keep his promise to destroy them all? Just because it’s his brother, does not change his absolute hatred for these tiny people. Violence is the only thing that will quench Miles Striker’s thirst!, Size: 1.11 GB

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taboo sfw farting vore shrinking fetish giants