[ManyVids] SerephDoll - Extreme Toilet Slavery


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WARNING- THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE MEEK In this clip Goddess Sereph shows you what it is truly like to be underneath her as her toilet slave. This clip starts off with verbal misuse for the little slave bitch then is followed by a demand to clean the goddess's ass. After that Goddess Sereph grows angry and decides it is time for your first impose feeding. That is right little toilet slave bitch. Open your fucking mouth because I'm going to impose feed you my hot brownies. You fucking like the way it tastes don't you little bitch! Eat it. You can hardly keep up with all that Goddess Sereph is putting you through and now she is farting all over your face. Huge long ripping farts that blow your lips back and fill your throat with hot steamy fart straight from Sereph's asshole. This clip might be too much... but let's see how far you can push yourself. Can you truly become Sereph's toilet slave? I hope you are hungry., Size: 488 MB

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