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Seeking deeper, stronger & more intense orgasms, I decide to check out this spiritual health and wellness place my friend can't stop talking about. The doctor instructs me to undress, and will be back shortly to guide me on how to awaken all my chakras and sexual energy. He said to warm myself up and will be back shortly. Feeling relaxed in a room full of crystals and karma sutra maps all over the walls, I begin to slowly and sensually gently touch myself. Things start to feel really good, taking the extra time to wake up my yoni and explore. The Doc is gone awhile, so I just focus deeper on the feelings which continue to intensify. As my entire body envelops into the experience, I keep wondering where the Doc might be- did he forget about me? Or is this what you pay for, just the time to be left alone and feel. My Pussy swells and engorges as my chakras seem to align all on their own. Time passes and I get close to climaxing with only meditation as I've stopped touching and just focusing on energy flow. A gushing sensation comes over me and I come harder than I ever had, hands free. Is this what enlightenment feels like? Namaste, lol., Size: 2.55 GB

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