[ManyVids] SamanthaJones269 - Price to Pay for not doing Dishes

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Mistress comes home to a sink full of dishes- one of your only jobs to keep me happy. This is the last straw, as you've definitely been slacking off lately, sub. Well subbie, this will not go unpunished. Sit your ass on the floor while I decide what to do with you. Your cock grows hard awaiting punishment. Since there are shot glasses left around everywhere from last nights party, I decide you're going to take a special shot of your own cum right in front of me. I order you to start stroking, this will definitely be a lesson you'll never forget. I edge you for a while holding the shot glass ready for your load. I'm going to make you swollow it all, subbie. More awkward jerking ensues, as you want to stop and are hesitant, but it's just too much for you when Mistress is telling you what to do. Together we work you up to a nice orgasm, cumming right in the large shot glass and preparing the special cocktail. I demand you gulp it all up and swallow your own jizz with my supervision- Good job, sub. Now go take care of those dishes.~, Size: 1.24 GB

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