[ManyVids] Pawslut - The Sorceress Needs ALL Your Cum


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Oh man, there you go waking up in strange caverns with hot half naked creatures of the underworld again. Looks like words gotten out, everyone wants a taste of The Succubus' toy!! This time a wily young (or 100s of years old, who can say with these supernatural types) Sorceress has worked her claws into you, and with intent. She needs every last drop of your Potent Cum for her lust potions (they're a best seller, after all)! Will you be up to the task? She's not much of a charmer, but when the right ingredients are involved she's been known to become.. friendly~ *Artist Notes!* I worked incredibly hard on this clip, from the outfit, to the script, the makeup, and the EDITING. WOW THE EDITING. It took many hours and I learned a lot of new things. This is my first time incorporating a music track into any of my work and I'm in love with how it turned out. It lends itself to the mood beautifully and just really encourages all the emotional responses I was looking for, so I'd say I'm pleased!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, it was truly a labor of love, Size: 811.24 MB

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