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(Three Scenes in this video Scene 1 Court/Jail Mug Shot Strip/Scene 2 Prison Visiting Room and Scene 3 Your Home) I'm your crazy ex girlfriend ((Scene 1)) in court wearing my smart clothes, the judge tells me Im found Guilty of breaking and entering into your home. I cry in court and tell the judge that we are meant to be together and nothing will keep us apart. I go to another room to get my mug shot im sobbing, crying while I fully strip off my civilian clothes and put on my prison uniform, Im weeping and saying crazy things like "this wont keep us apart" "he will see that we belong together" "i give him the best blowjobs" "Im gonna get out of here and see him right away!" I declare my love for my boyfriend and that I know he really wants to be with me, we fuck so good together, he will wait for me! Lots of obsession and infatuation talking while changing into my prison clothes and taking my mug shot. ((Scene 2)) A few months go by and you pay me a visit in jail, I'm handcuffed but Im sooo happy to see you! I talk about all the things we will do together once I am out! I keep an eye out for the guard, because whenever he looks away I touch myself and flirt with you really hard. I attempt over and over to masturbate over my prisoner clothes while handcuffed, biting my lip and telling you how good I'm going to fuck you once I'm out of here. i suck your dick the best out of anyone, i cant wait till its in my mouth .... You eventually leave because visiting time is over. .... Scene 3 I break into your home, Im standing over you waking you up, my handcuffs are broken and I'm just wearing a bra and skirt whatever i could escape with I jump on top of you and start begging for you cock, I tell you that I love you, that our bodies belong together as I take you into my mouth you cant resist me, im tear off my clothes begging for your dick, jerking you off with my broken handcuffs on my wrist, sucking and then jumping on top of your cock forward and reverse till you finish cumming inside of me, all of a sudden the cops come in and I get arrested once again. Oh nooo crying while I put on my prison uniform and beg you to come visit me., Size: 2.53 GB

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