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POV You are a student from my class, I am unaware that I brought you home with me from school. Your in my purse, I open it up to look for my phone, as im having a conversation you sneak out. I start grading papers and all of a sudden I notice you! I can't believe how tiny you are, I tell you im upset that you didnt go home with the rest of the students! Im also worried that if anyone knew I took a student home then I would get in trouble. I pick you up and put you between my breasts while I think about what to do with you. I put you back down and tell you that "Im not going to call your parents" I start yawning over and over in your face, Im so tired from working and grading papers, you see my big scary mouth open and close with my tonsils, I talk about my mouth, you seem to be starring at it then you hear my stomach rumble, I tell you how hungry I am, I show you my stomach, it starts rumbling more and more. I pick you up and put you back down several times deciding what to do with you, I finally come up with my plans for you, I lick you over and over and tell you how "no-one is going to find you! your going to be digested in my belly" After several teases of my uvula yawning (4 yawns) and licking you, I tease my open mouth to you, hanging you above it, showing my uvula taking some gulps at first teasing you and then a big gulp to swallow you all the way down and put you in my belly., Size: 1.57 GB

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