[ManyVids] Olivia Rose - Nose Pinching, Pulling, and Hooking


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This was a custom video. Message me about purchasing your own! You love me pinching, pulling, and hooking my nose. You even like me to rub and caress it. You just love how my voice sounds while doing it. In this video I will be pinching my nose in multiple ways, and talking you you hear my muffled voice. I will then be hooking and expanding my nostrils as far back as I can pull them. I will even be flaring them so you can see deep down inside. I know how much you love my upper lip being pulled back as i hook my nose, so I will also show that close up so you can see my upper gumline. You love the piggy noises I make while doing this and me talking just to hear the change in my voice. You just can't get enough of my big Roman nose, Size: 994.47 MB

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