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Sibling Awakening I am your older sister who is just discovering masturbation despite strict Christian parents. You walk into my room to see if I want to go to the mall. I don't notice you at first as my first time touching myself is so intense. You freeze in the door way as I finger my wet pussy and moan loudly. You then accidentally open the door wider, I notice and scream at you to leave. But that doesn't stop me from finishing to the thought of you. A week passes without us talking about it. It is time for the family vacation. Of course, we are put in a room with just one bed. What I didn't realize is that event awoke something in you as well. A plan to make me yours, your cumslut. You watch me change and get into bed, I am angry that I didn't get my own room. I tell you to stay on your own side and to leave me alone. You wait for me to slip and can't handle it any longer. You shake my shoulder, nothing. You touch my boobs, nothing. The real test, You stick your dick inside of me, I gasp and yell at you to stop. You freak out and act like you were having a wet dream and go back to your side of the bed. I didn't want you to know that it aroused me. I go to shower and end up masturbating thinking about you. The next morning You wake up to something on you cock, my mouth. I am sucking it wildly and tell you that I was curious about it. I've never seen one other than yours and wanted to know what they tasted like. You make up a lie, that mom told you your cum will be the only thing to keep my sister alive. I freak out and rabidly suck you until you cum. Its not enough, I want more, I need more. I climb on top of you and ride you cowgirl style, loudly moaning and screaming . Begging for you to save my life. When you get close I moan even louder begging for my little brothers cum. I get nervous about it being in my pussy so you cum on my face and tits, massive load. I scoop some in my mouth and say, “Be ready to do this for your sister everyday , I guess I'm your cum slut sister!” With a big sexy smirk and a wink. The end., Size: 1.69 GB

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