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I'm Evelyn Jones, the pastor's wife here in a small village in Minnesota. I pride myself on being a good housewife and member of the community. After all, I'm the pastor's wife and I have to represent him and the Lord. I agreed to do an interview with a graduate student from the local university on marriage and family. I enter the room dressed in my usual garb of a long dress, practical workboots, My hair is up in a tight bun, and I'm not wearing any lipstick. The interviewer looks like a nice young man, I think to myself. I wonder if he is a Lutheran? We begin the interview, and I answer his questions thoughtfully; I talk about how important it is for me to be a good Christian wife and how I have a loving, if naive, sexual relationship with him and only him. The interviewer asks if I would like to try being put under a spell, as a way of learning how to become a more devout Christian and even better wife. Of course, I say, though I don't really believe in such things, I want to help the nice young man. When I awaken, I don't feel any differently. I shake the man's hand and head home. One week later though, I'm a completely different woman, and I have to talk to the interviewer again - it's urgent! I enter the room, wearing only a coat over my skimpy lingerie. The interviewer tries to hide a sly smile - he knows that his magical suggestion was successful and he's made me into a nymphomaniac, only able to satisfy my craving for cock by seducing men all over town. No longer a proper Christian lady, I flaunt my body and lace crotchless panties at the interviewer, and tell him he needs to come fuck me right there in the office! He obliges, and dirty words seem to just fall out of my mouth. I tell him to fuck my wet cunt with his hard cock and fill it with his cum, Size: 605.37 MB

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