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WARNING: THE CUMBLAST VICTORIA PULLS OUT OF HER BOOGER-HEAD BROTHER IS MASSIVE AND AMAZING!! VICTORIA IS PLAYING VIDEO GAMES...BUT HER BROTHER WANTS TO PLAY... SHE REMINDS HIM.."I'M THE ONE WITH THE CUNT...I'M THE ONE IN CHARGE" SHE MAKES HIM TAKE HIS PANTS OFF AND JERKS HIS COCK, WHILE SHE CONTINUES TO PLAY. THE RESULT FREAKS HER OUT....IT'S THE BIGGEST CUMSHOT SHE'S EVER SEEN!! Victoria is playing Video Games...when Her brother comes into the Living Room....and wants to kick Her out, so he can play. Victoria reminds him that....."I'm the one with a Cunt....so I'm the one in charge". She tells Her stupid brother to pull his pants down and shut up. He complains that he's..."Sick of Her Beating him Off all the time". Victoria threatens to "Tell Mom" if he doesn't comply....so he reluctantly takes his pants off. While still playing Her Video Game with Her left Hand....Victoria casually Beats-Off Her brother with Her right Hand. "Hurry up and cum before Mom gets home" She tells him as She Jerks. Victoria can't believe what happens when Her Booger Head brother cums...It's a SPERM EXPLOSION!!!! Cum flies EVERYWHERE!!!! "Mom's gonna FREAK!!!...you got it all over the carpets!!" Victoria screams, Size: 292.5 MB

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