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Babysitter Teaches You How to Play with Your Little Dick Jackie's been your babysitter for years, you're really too old for one now but she's happy to leave you to it and just get paid. She knows you can go up to your room and sort yourself out for bedtime, so when the coast is clear she calls up her boyfriend. Jackie's boyfriend starts talking dirty to her on the phone, she gets so wet she decides to play with her pussy on the couch - no one will know right? Jackie is shocked to see you standing there watching and quickly hangs up, have you been watching the whole time? You look flustered and confused - you keep feeling strange down there but you don't know what to do. You confess this to Jackie and she's willing to help! She pulls out her big tits and your small young cock and teaches you how to stroke it. Her hands feel so good on your little peepee and you feel like you're going to explode! It' ok little one, Jackie's going to give you your first orgasm, just relax and let it happen, Size: 419.46 MB

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