[ManyVids] Goddess Anika Fall - Invisible Chastity 2

Download [ManyVids] Goddess Anika Fall - Invisible Chastity 2
Perhaps you've never worn a chastity either because you're nervous at the thought of ACTUALLY being locked up, but the idea of it is intriguing, or maybe you have a chastity, but you're not wearing it. Regardless, in this session, you will not be allowed to touch that cock. Imagine having a chastity on...an invisible chastity. I'm teasing you with my body, mesmerizing you into a trance, and the only thing you're allowed to do today is anal masturbation. You're allowed to have an orgasm, but ONLY a prostate orgasm. I'm conditioning you. Preparing you for what it's going to feel like to not able to wrap your hands around that dick and stroke it. Note: Also check out "Invisible Chastity", as well as the other Invisible chastity clips that are to come. CLIP CONSISTS OF: CHASTITY, CHASTITY TRAINING, ANAL INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION DENIAL, FEMDOM POV, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION, SENSUAL DOMINTION, SHINY, Size: 602.84 MB

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sfw anal masturbation mesmerize femdom pov key holding & chastity chastity devices