[ManyVids] Ginary - Krissy Tickle Interrogation By Jen


Download [ManyVids] Ginary - Krissy Tickle Interrogation By Jen
Jen Capone has Krissy Koven all tied up to the bed - and gives her one last chance to tell her where the secret formula is located. Krissy tells Jen she doesn’t have it, so Jen starts to slowly tickle her body. Jen grabs a feather, and tickles Krissy’s sensitive soles. Jen moves to Krissy’s other foot, and tickles her with her nails. Krissy squirms and laughs on the bed as Jen moves up her body, tickling her sides and arms. Jen tickles Krissy until she gives up the location of the secret formula…then she leaves her all tied up! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Krissy? Email us today.), Size: 593.2 MB

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