[ManyVids] Foot Patrol Studio - Free Pedi Trap with Kitty Carrera - Full

Download [ManyVids] Foot Patrol Studio - Free Pedi Trap with Kitty Carrera - Full
Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend is working in the office when a young lady knocks on the door. Kitty Carrera is responding to a free pedicure flyer she found in the street. What she doesn’t know is that this ploy was a strategically placed trap. This is a tactic employed by Pedi Police to trick women in need of pedicures to turn themselves in. It’s about working smart, not hard, so Archer considers this scheme brilliant! Archer invites Kitty in under the ruse of evaluating her for the free pedicure offer. When he begins reading her the Foot Patrol Miranda Rights, Kitty suspects something isn’t quite right. Realizing she’s walked into a sting, she relents to allow the foot inspector to perform his duty. Having her feet inspected isn’t that bad, Kitty decides; though the inspector himself does seem a bit weird. With the inspection done, the foot cop escorts Miss Kitty Carrera to the salon to have those size sevens brought up to code. After receiving a fresh, up to code pedicure at the salon, Kitty Carrera returns to Foot Patrol headquarters escorted by Foot Inspector Archer Legend. A final inspection is conducted to ensure all is in order. The more foot licking and toe sucking Kitty receives, the more she realizes how great it feels. She cannot help wonder whether she might get the same pleasure from doing it herself. Without a word, Kitty begins licking and sucking her own sexy feet and toes. Witnessing this act drives the already horny foot inspector wild! He joins in and these two have an incredibly hot session of dual foot worship. Kitty Carrera gets heated up as well and decides that she wants even more! Ready to move this show to the next level, Kitty tells the foot inspector to lie on the floor. She puts her sexy bare soles in the Foot Patrol officer’s face while pulling his cock from his pants. Archer is happy to let this sexy woman take control. He enjoys a foot feeding frenzy on her spectacular feet while she jerks him off. Kitty wiggles her toes and wrinkles her soles while aggressively jacking off the foot cop. Archer shoots a streaming load and she squeezes every drop onto her beautiful feet and toes. As these two catch their breath after the excitement of intimacy, Kitty Carrera suggests they find a way to do this more often. @iamkittycarrera #KittyCarrera @PediPolice #pedipolice #footpatrolstudio #archerlegend #feetonfilm #footfetishfilm #footworshipstudio #850footman #footman #footworshipstudio #barefootbrats #sexyfeet #footfetishnation #footfetish #footworship #latinafeet #latina #footworshiphandjob #fwhj #handjob #barefoothandjob #chubdaddy #soles #barefoot #cumonfeet #cummyfeet #footlicking, Size: 1.74 GB

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