[ManyVids] Fetishland Studios - Santa's Little Helper

Download [ManyVids] Fetishland Studios - Santa's Little Helper
Hannah Perez is getting ready for work and talks to her friend Cali on the phone. She has to work at a club for a christmas party. Hannah has to dress up as Santa's Little Helper and she hates that the party is going to be in the cigar room. Hannah thinks it is so gross and disgusting. So after she talks about how much she hates what she has to do, she asks Cali how it's been going for her. The gossip begins and then Hannah gets ready for work the rest of the way. Putting her pantyhose on and high heels. Later Hannah gets home from work and she cant wait to tell Cali about everything that has happened. Hannah likes to stir the pot and get things going to start drama. Hannah definitely went out to be Santa's little helper. Everything is her business and she is telling on all of the people she thinks is naughty., Size: 1.45 GB

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