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Ron is shrunken and is laying on the couch. Macy Nikole walks in naked and is ready to watch some TV. She sits down and something pokes her so she gets up and sees Ron sitting there. Oh no she forgot about last night as she laughs at him. Holding him up, Ron is still a little tiny man. Macy wants to know if he thought about what her and Hannah Perez were talking to him about last night, having fun. He hasnt thought about it. Well he will just have to be tiny then. Macy has never heard of a religion that doesn't like titties but she is about to make poor white colloared Ron like them. Macy begins putting Ron in her nipple and squeezing her between her breast. Hannah comes in and she sees what Macy is doing and she remembers what they did last night. Since they have him in this position they might as well fuck with Ron here. Macy and Hannah mess with Ron so much that he might end up begging for more.. or is he to much of a prude., Size: 905.61 MB

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