[ManyVids] Fetishland Studios - Exceptionally Good

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Hannah Perez has been a pro at this whole Strip Trivia thing and now she has a new opponent. Vonka Romanov comes in and she doesn't get scared at the fact that Hannah has been on a grand winning streak. Vonka is confident because she knows she is really good at trivia. Hannah laughs and taunts Vonka about her confidence and how Hannah knows that she will be the winner. Hannah's head has gotten so big because previously she hasn't had to remove even one article of clothing. Well, Vonka gives Hannah a run for her money. But it isn't enough to put Hannah's panties where her mouth is. She is losing this round and she demands a rematch after her humiliating punishment. Over the knee spanking for Hannah. She has never had to be naked on television and she hasn't had to get spanked either. We shall see next time... To be continued., Size: 1.4 GB

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