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It's another nice day so I'm having a day at the seaside. I'm wearing a slinky grey cardigan over a tight fitting black mini dress, and a pair of expensive Ray Ban sunglasses. The tide is out, so I decide to walk out onto the beach, feeling the muddy wet sand squelching beneath my feet. When I'm quite a distance from the shore, I suddenly realise that I'm rather desperate to empty my bladder, but the fact I'm completely out in the open means that making it to a bathroom is impossible. And there is no shelter at all, I'm totally exposed! There is only one thing I can do. I squat down in the mud, hitch my sexy pink panties to one side, and just let go. A powerful golden stream squirts out immediately, soaking my shoes, and mixing with the little streams of seawater that have been leftover from the tide. My shoes and my socks are covered in sludge, and the thorough wetting I'm giving them is only making me messier and stickier. But it feels good, and I couldn't stop, even if I wanted to. I've no idea if anybody has seen me, but if they have, it wouldn't be hard to guess what I'm doing, squatting down in the open with my dress lifted up. It was a long wetting too....they might even think that the tide is coming in early, Size: 418.12 MB

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exhibitionism pee flashing