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I’m dressed up in a sexy outfit in my apartment, having some me time and making myself feel good I’m wearing a tight black Basque, which leaves little to the imagination, a hot pair of black nylon tights, some skimpy black panties and expensive black high heels. I’m enjoying myself, strutting around and posing, showing off my desirable body from lots of different angles. I turn around and bend over, flashing shots of my peachy bum, and then I sit down on a large clothes chest and spread my legs wide, so I can display my gorgeous crotch. I’m completely alone and in no hurry, so I take my time running my hands over my legs, the nylon feeling so softy and smooth underneath my fingertips. I’m tingling all over, and the sensation spreads to my bladder, which happens to be full to the brim. I stand up again, and because I’m indulging myself, I decide to do a wetting right here in the living room, without even bothering to head for the bathroom! With my bum facing the camera, I let the floodgates open. A golden stream immediately cascades through my see through panties and onto the wooden floor, quickly forming a large puddle by my feet. My nylons are soaked in a matter of seconds, especially the areas around my crotch and the inside of my thighs. The release is a powerful one, and splatters loudly as it hits the wood, and some even squirts onto the clothes chest too! I’ve no ideas if this means that the wetness will seep through the cracks in the chest and drench my fresh clothes inside, but this is all feeling so amazing that I really don’t care! When I’m finally finished, I sit down and remove my high heels, so that I can paddle around in the puddle in my nylon covered feet. The splashing sounds are a real turn on, and before I even know what I’m doing, I’m on my hands and knees in the wet, trying to soak the parts of me that until this point have somehow managed to stay dry! One thing’s for certain…sexy bedroom outfits are so even more attractive when they are wet, Size: 471.73 MB

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