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I’m about to have a much needed change, but there is a twist…I currently have on more than one plastic layer, if you know what I mean? I’m wearing a pink jumper, a knee length pair of multi-coloured socks, and on the outside is a soggy ID Slip. I’m relaxing on a red leather settee, and I love the feel of the leather pressing against my ID Slip and putting pressure on it. I stand up and strike some cheeky poses, and then I open my silver bag in order to prepare for my change. I take out a couple of selections, and finally settle on a pink DC Amor. I take off my ID Slip, and now you get a look at the inner layer…I had a Bambino on underneath the ID Slip! No wonder my crotch looked so huge and bulky Because it’s on the inside, the Bambino is even wetter than the ID Slip, and after carefully taking it off, I hold it up for a closer inspection I give my bare crotch a rub down with a cleansing wipe, and after positioning myself on top of the DC Amor, I apply some lovely powder to my skin. Then I expertly strap myself in, and strike some more poses in my new plastic. One things for sure…a double change takes twice as long, which is more than fine with me, Size: 655.19 MB

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