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I’m in the corridor of my apartment doing a spot of cleaning. I’m wearing a grey Hello Kitty t-shirt, my shapely legs are bare, on my cute little feet I have on a pair of blue socks and my white high top sneakers, and I’m strapped into a very soggy Cuddlz. I have filled up a red bucket with soapy water, and now I start mopping the wooden floor. It’s hard work and I’m beginning to build up a sweat, which is one reason why I’ve decided not to wear a lot of clothes Another reason is because I look absolutely adorable doing my chores with my wet Cuddlz on show! All the water sloshing around in the bucket is beginning to trigger my bladder, which happens to be getting rather full again And my Cuddlz is doing more than its fair share of squelching too Without stopping what I’m doing for a second, I cheekily give in to temptation, and send a warm stream spilling out into my already soggy Cuddlz right here in the corridor! I can feel it getting heavier, and I get a huge thrill from knowing that this second wetting is going right on top of the first I feel so satisfied again, and when I’m finished, I do lots of bending over and crotch shaking I don’t know what’s wetter…the floor, or me, Size: 638.21 MB

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