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Download [ManyVids] Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S02E10 Sophie Obrie
Sophie Obrien - The blowjob bribe Description By now following me on my nerdy adventures you will all know I am quite good at turning a bad situation into a good one. Well this bad situation needed a bit of good at the end and I am pleased it had a happy ending. I was on the phone to my mate when I heard a bang out side. Some stupid bitch had crashed into my car. After shouting at her for 10 mins we decided to take this indoors as there was a lot of people watching us yelling. In the apartment she tried telling me that she had a lot on her mind and she noticed the camera I had on and quizzed me why I had it on, luckily she soon forgot about it. Anyway I tried to do the right thing and ask her for her insurance details. She didn’t want me to phone them and was acting very weird as if she was hiding something from me. Every time I mentioned the insurance she tried to talk me out of it. She was a fit red head girl from the same block of apartments as me and I noticed her around a few times and wished we got chatting under better circumstances. I told her that if she wouldn’t let me phone them and do this properly she would have to make it worth my while. I told her if she sucked my cock and let me film it for my own personal enjoyment I would let her off. She looked a bit surprised and asked if she did would I not phone the insurance company up. I gave her my word. Thank god what ever she was hiding made her desperate to do this. I got to feel her ass and grope her tits before she got on her knees. First of all wow, she sucked on it like it was a fucking lolly pop and the moaning noises she made was ace. She fucking loved sucking cock, she may not of found me that attractive as I am a nerd but she loved cock you could tell and she really went to town on my dick. She even begged for my cum. You don’t have to tell me fucking twice. So I unloaded a big load on her tongue and she gulped down the lot, very much worth the in convince., Size: 24.48 MB

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