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Cum For Your Goddess, Allow me to tease you, seduce you and show you once again why I am your chosen Goddess. You have worshiped me for so long and nowhere is simply no other way of life. You live to please me. Spoil me. Keep me happy. Here I am in true goddess form. Tight leather pants, red high heels, red satin bra, voluptuous dd breasts, long legs, red hair, soft smile, perfect ass and teasing you with every inch of my body. Worship me. Take every inch of me in and remain a dedicated, devoted lover. I will slowly strip down to my panties and bra and then mesmerize you with my swaying hips as I reveal my perfect bush. My dancing has always brought you to your knees and you feel your cock getting even harder as you watch. You allow my words to sink deep and do as I instruct. I know that you are already stroking, so let me tease you as you jerk off for me. Your loving goddess will allow you to cum today. You stroke and listen as I count down. Your goddess wants a huge load. Nothing average. I will show you right where to aim it too. *Take note that there is a Goddess Fee that must be paid to show your true devotion and dedication. Giving to your goddess always makes you feel so fulfilled and satisfied.Rejecting the idea of cumming as you watch your lovely Goddess is not an option*, Size: 381.16 MB

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