[ManyVids] BuddahsPlayground - A FemBot for Valentine's Day

Download [ManyVids] BuddahsPlayground - A FemBot for Valentine's Day
Included in this clip: Robot, Fembot, Redhead, Tender Loving Robot, Robot Housewife, SkinBot, Top of The Line Fembot, Nurturing and Caring Bot, Shiny Clothing, See Through Top, Mannequin Hands,  Freezing, Slightly Stiff Movements and everything you love about Robots/ FemBots.  After long day at the office you turn into your long, winding drive way and make your way around the curves to reach the serenity of you home. You see a white and red tag hanging from your doorbell and become thrilled when you read the words " A Surprise Gift From Me". You turn it over to see your FAVORITE Robot/ FemBot Corporations name in very small print on the back.  You returned your last loving FemBot when this pandemic hit and you unfortunately started feeling the financial strain just a little. You have been lonely and a bit depressed since she has been gone, so seeing this tag on your doorbell allows youth finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The entire year of 2020 was just disheartening to say the least. February 2021 : The dreaded month of Valentines Day. Although you are a very successful man, your love life has always been a little slacking since you spend all of your time the office.... That is....until today. You open your door to find an alluring, beautiful, top of the line FemBot. She is adorned in beautiful red shiny metallic leggings and a lovely lingerie style top. She appears to be the picture perfect woman. Not one single flaw to be found. She appears to transcend from her dormant cycle when you walk in the room ( that would be her 2021owner recognition software ). She scans you and loads you into her questions within seconds and begins talking to you. She is quite lovely to say the very least. She explains that you will / can program her with an app that you ay install on your phone and that you will have added options that your old FemBot did not posses. You may choose her hair color, breast size, clothing and Pre program her with answers to your questions or trigger words. This FemBot is truly the picture perfect Steppford Wife style bot. her skin os soft and warm to the touch and although some of her movements are slightly stiff, you are mesmerized by her human like appearance and behavior. It's very clear that you could take her anywhere and nobody would ever be able to tell she is indeed a  top pf the line Fembot / Robot., Size: 391.1 MB

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