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This is my weigh in for the past two months! January I was my absolute laziest I've EVER seen myself. All I wanted to do was lay in bed, eat copious amounts of food and have long naps after so that's all I've been doing and if you didn't know, that is the secret ingredient to weight gain! Little movement and A LOT OF FOOD! That is pure heaven for me and what obesity is all about! I don't need a vacation just having food deliveries from my feeders and not moving from my comfy bed as blobs of fat continue to pile on top of me. Finding new rolls and seeing older ones grow even larger is so exciting! I talk a bit about what it's like being bigger showing off my sexy obese body. My big belly hanging over, my back rolls growing even bigger and huge sexy ass poking out from the short sexy dress I decided to wear during this. Then I weigh myself revealing the big numbers! See how much weight I've put on since my last weight in, Size: 297.94 MB

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