[ManyVids] BaileyLove6969 - SEX SLAVE INSTITUTE TRAINEE: Lily DeMure


Download [ManyVids] BaileyLove6969 - SEX SLAVE INSTITUTE TRAINEE: Lily DeMure
Yes, this is a true training ground for Sex Slaves. One girl who has lived her live in TRANS PORN but was not fulfilled is Lily DeMure. We shot a few videos together. Several are posted on here. But she loved it most off camera when I did FORCEFEMME on almost everything with her. When I started the SEX SLAVE INSTITUTE with TIA TIZZIANNI - Lily was our first client. She agreed to do this video to show everyone how a TRANS Girl is trained to become the RESTRAINED COLLARED SUBMISSIVE BOTTOM SLUT as a fully trained CUMSLUT. We start out with Lily being to learn the feminine side of discipline the hard way. COLLARED and locked in a closet to break down her resistance. Watch how compliant she becomes for me as her MISTRESS. We do everything from THROAT FUCKING, PUSSY FUCKING with a DILDO to prepare her for a long day of FUCKING when her new MASTER arrives. She is then subjected to long and hard THROAT FUCKING by him. She is FUCKED in MULTIPLE positions from on her back, COWGIRL, DOGGY and more. She accidentally CUMS 3 times in this stretch she is so absolutely turned on. Legitimately CUMS three times during her SEX SLAVE testing. SUPER HOT VIDEO and I LOVE to be the MISTRESS and DOMINATE my BITCHES. Watch the SEX SLAVE INSTITUTE and if this is for you, contact myself or Tia Tizzianni. ~ TRANSFORMATIONS BY TIA TIZZIANNI ~ ~ DIRECTED BY TIA TIZZIANNI, Size: 747.25 MB

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