[ManyVids] Ava Black - Chastity slaves for Rubber Goddess


Download [ManyVids] Ava Black - Chastity slaves for Rubber Goddess
Greetings slave... Your Mistress summons you... Your Supreme Ebony Goddess sings her sirensong for that throbbing mass in your cock cage. My shiny gloved hands want to tease you out of your agonised state to serve me with your devotion yet again... I love that you have taken the most painful path of self-denial for your penis... And I know how much you ache to please me daily. You will continue to do so, and in ways that I find pleasing and increasingly agonising for you. This is what is perfection for me. You in a constant state of desire, attentive to my every word... and constantly, just constantly throbbing with unreleased desire, Size: 190.2 MB

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femdom pov key holding & chastity rubber fetish ebony female domination chastity devices