[ManyVids] Adam Castle - Garage Dirty Foot Dom & Orgasm Denial


Download [ManyVids] Adam Castle - Garage Dirty Foot Dom & Orgasm Denial
What the fuck kind of cocksucker wants to check out and stalk a dude while he is changing a tire in his garage? What is it about me? Was it my dirty ass feet you like? You tried to take advantage of me while I was changing a tire. Now stay on your knees and take your clothes off, homo! My dirty feet will be on your face. If you get a hard on, your cock & balls will be crushed. It disturbs me you actually enjoy having a dirty foot in your face. You also enjoy licking my dirty feet too. You have a hard on! I stomp on your cock and balls repeatedly to keep you from enjoying my foot in your pansy ass face. Lick my feet you faggot ass fuck! Lick it bitch! I love seeing you scared of being aroused as I put my feet in your face. Lick my feet for messing up my day bitch! Taste the dirt and muck from my feet queer! You want to cum? Oh fuck no, I will not let you cum to my dirty feet as I kick you in the face and stomp on your cock! Orgasm denied sissy faggot ass fuck!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, GAY FOOT WORSHIP, GARAGE, FOOT DOMINATION, MALE DOMINATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, FOOT IN FACE POV, MALE FEET, BAREFOOT, ALPHA MALE, COCK & BALL TORMENT, KICK IN BALLS, MEAN, EVIL, TAUNT, TEASE, POV FOOT LICK, QUEER, TEASE & DENIAL, Size: 631.57 MB

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