[ManyVids] Adam Castle - Alien Mesmerizes All Earth Men 2 Be Gay


Download [ManyVids] Adam Castle - Alien Mesmerizes All Earth Men 2 Be Gay
Hello, Earth men, I have come on my ship from a planet far away. Now men listen to me as I give you my plan for an invasion of your planet. I will make all men on Earth gay so they can't fuck any of their women. All the men's cum will go in men's asses and no where near any of your Earth women's vaginas. As a result, no reproduction and extinction of humanity before I and many of my fellow species arrive on planet Earth. How will I make all you Earth men gay? Look at this dildo probe and watch it move back and forth. Listen to me and be mesmerized by the dildo looking at you. Listen to me talking to you via telepathy. 1st Earth men, find the nearest man you see and suck his dick. Yeah all you men suck dicks. Suck him dry as you hear my voice. Keep gagging and having fun. Now after you suck him, fuck his ass! Fuck his ass really good. Pound it. My alien hand is a man-ass and the dildo is your dick. Watch it and fuck every guy you see. Fuck him good! Fuck him till you cum inside his ass and feel good about it. Make sure all your cum stays in his ass and doesn't leave. Do as I say and be gay so my species can take your planet and your women will be ours. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! Tags: GAY ORIENTED, POV GAY, DIRTY TALKING, MASK FETISH, MIND FUCK, TELEPATHY, VOICE IN HEAD, SCI FI, ALIEN INVASION, ALIEN, EXTRATERRESTRIAL, HALLOWEEN, GAY JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS, GAY INSTRUCTIONS, TURN MEN GAY, GAY ENCOURAGE, DILDO DEMONSTRATION, EXTINCTION PLOT, CONSPIRACY, Size: 739.57 MB

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