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Knock, Knock... Hey, is there anyone in here? OHMYGOSH!! I'm so sorry! Oh my! Are you masturbating! WOW! Okay.. please cover that up... I'm so sorry... I did NOT mean to barge in on you like this. You must be so confused right now why a strange woman is in your bedroom. Your aunt asked me to come by and check on you. She's busy at work. Your parents are out of town, right? Yeah... that's... why I'm here... interrupting you. I knocked, but... I guess you were busy. Well, I can see you're fine, so I'll just be going... What? Do I want to watch? Watch...what? You mean... OH! I couldn't do that! That would be wrong. You just go ahead and do that with your girlfriend. You don't have a girlfriend? Well... go play with whoever it is you play with... You're... a virgin? I see... Well, this is interesting. I'm going to be honest with you. It's always kind of been my secret fantasy-- taking someone's V-card. I know I really shouldn't entertain any of this, but you've got me really curious now. Why don't you pull your cock out for me. Let's see what we're working with, Size:

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